New York Times "Sorry Robot" 2015: "With his high forehead, sleepy eyes and round chin, Mr. Iveson has been a distinct presence downtown for 20 years or so. Able to pivot smoothly between realism and absurdity, he can play heroes, zeros and everymen in between. His characters are a little wounded, a little wild."


Variety "The Select/The Sun Also Rises" 2010: "At the center of it all is Mike Iveson, whose Herculean performance as Jake Barnes is a work of effortless charisma... With his open collar and laidback charm, he captures perfectly Hemingway’s vision of a man who is wry, wise and hard-boiled yet, thanks to his war-inflicted impotence, destined never to fulfill his natural calling as the romantic lead."


Time Out New York "The Tear Drinkers" 2016: "... the droll fella with the otter-sleek hair and sneaky side-eye, the one whose timing is always one. Weird. Beat too late."


Washington Post "The Select" 2017: "Iveson’s Jake, the play’s toughest assignment, grows on you; what at first might come across as a low-energy performance gains in strength as the dimensions of Jake’s pitiable tragic affliction become clearer." 

SF Gate "Arguendo" 2014: "Mike Iveson anchors the piece with magnetic portraits of several justices and First Amendment champion Bruce Ennis..."

New York Post "Arguendo" 2013: "Arguing for the plaintiffs’ right to bare arms — and a whole lot more — is Bruce J. Ennis (Mike Iveson)...."

New York Times "Fondly, Collette Richland" 2015: "[one of the] two semi-narrators, both priceless..."